Friday, February 17, 2006

5000 big ones!

No, I'm not talking about that porn actress who acts like an octopus at the boner buffet.

I mean that someone made visit number 5000 today!

The sad thing is that if I read the Site Meter right, it looks like it was a web crawler thing from Yahoo that was number 5000.. :)
However, someone on Road Runner was 5001 and a real visit, so that's nice even if they use IE6.

Thanks for all the support, yo. Shout out.


Scottage said...

So I was 5001! Excellent! I'm glad I could help you hit a milestone.

Mike V. said...

Cool, thanks, man!

Even if you do use IE. :)

SheaNC said...

I'm holding out for 5278.

Scottage said...

What can I say, everyone has a flaw :-)