Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Twice in one week, Will hits another one on the nose (and rambling thoughts)

Sez Will:

GOP must return to conservatism

Before evolution produced creatures of our perfection, there was a 3-ton dinosaur, the stegosaurus, so neurologically sluggish that when its tail was injured, significant time elapsed before news of the trauma meandered up its long spine to its walnut-size brain. This primitive beast, not the dignified elephant, should be the symbol of House Republicans.

If you read the whole thing via the link above (and I hope you do) he goes on to make some other points about K Street shenanigans on both sides of the aisle such as:

Liberals practice "K Street liberalism" with an easy conscience because they believe government should do as much as possible for as many interests as possible. But "K Street conservatism" compounds unseemliness with hypocrisy.

I'm not sure that I agree with the first statement entirely, but I will allow that a lot of progressive ideals have in their design our local and federal governments doing for the public.
Now, I'm no big tax and spend supporter. My progressive ideals and beliefs start with the feeling that when the government acts, it should be with the interests of the population at large and how they can make this country a better place.

I think that the locals and the feds should be there to make sure that the public schools and the police are well funded. Spending money in the school systems, starting with the classrooms and the teachers to me just makes good sense and is a good investment. Building brains for the future. And having a properly trained, staffed and well paid police department in your city makes FAR more sense than ignoring it and spending the money later on jails and prisons.
I believe in workplace safety and the safety net that is medicare and Social Security as well as tax breaks and leave for working families with children.

The "conservatives" in power right now brought people over to their side against their own best interests in a lot of cases by playing to their fears and to their bigotry.
The republicans in power right now have not really been about a free market and most certainly have not been about smaller government.
That and spying on Americans and suspending Habeus Corpus. Remember when we used to laugh at the Russians for that kind of thing??
What they have been about has been purely to serve the most wealthy and powerful in this country through tax cuts and deregulation.

Do a search on google about the company in West Virginia where they had this accident.
Look into how many times they have been fined (and the paltry amounts) for safety violations and the like.
Read a little bit about companies that are basically being allowed to pay to pollute your water and air.

And as the working person sees their real dollars shrink (wages for working people have declined EVERY year in the last 4) and the country sees another 5 million of its citizens move into poverty status since 2001, tell me we are not on the brink of another Gilded Age.
Our two party system is not perfect, but when it gets to the point where our congress is doing NOTHING for the average working person and is in fact acting against us day after day, it's seriously time to clean the fucking house.

Rock the vote, bitches..

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