Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Photo of the week. No more long boring posts

That no one wants to read, I'm sure.
Rambling on too much..

Anyway, I took this picture of one of the dogs while she snoozed in the early morning, not that eager to get up at the same time as I do.

I put their beds out back with them so they can continue their snoozing after I leave.
They appear to do that all day long..

Not the most technically perfect photo, but she sure is cute.
Note the dog hair scattered on the floor..
You can click on Nala to see a larger version.


Anhoni Patel said...

Mike: how do you go from hardcore political rants to this?

very cute.

LA said...

LOL - seriously what Anhoni said!

Anyway, I love the doggy (well both, I can see the other one in the background). Nala looks sweet with her paws right next to her nose. I love it when dogs sleep that way. She looks really tuckered out. I love how pets sleep like little angels, not a care in the world.

Mike V. said...

Oh, she's tuckered out alright!
From sleeping all night and the previous day.

She's everyone's favorite when they meet all the dogs.
Just a big, dopey, super-sweet labrador.
Who will poke you right in the crotch or the butt with her nose as her way of greeting. :)

No one seems to interested in what I have to say lately, so I figured I would give it a rest this week.
If I can..

Matt Vella said...

She is the dopey one for sure, which makes it that much more forgivable when she does the cup check.

angel, jr. said...

Cute dogs.

Vanina said...

She is adorable! And who would want to get up early when you're THAT comfortable??

Sar said...

Aw, I care what you have to say. But boy is she a sweetie. Talk about puppy dog eyes.