Friday, December 02, 2005

The Dragon Lady sez to Europe: F-YOU!

Rice to warn Europe to back off over detainees

Some highlights:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice is expected to give allies in Europe a response next week to their pressure over Washington's treatment of terrorism suspects: back off.

For almost a month, the United States has been on the defensive, refusing to deny or confirm media reports the United States has held prisoners in secret in Eastern Europe and transported detainees incommunicado across the continent.

She will remind allies they themselves have been cooperating in U.S. operations and tell them to do more to win over their publics as a way to deflect criticism directed at the United States, diplomats and U.S. officials said.

Rice will deliver her message in private meetings with officials in Germany and at the EU headquarters in Brussels during a trip that starts on Monday and also includes a stop in Romania, which denies accusations it hosts a secret prison.

U.S. diplomats recount how her successful stance against EU plans to lift an arms embargo against China unnerved Europeans, as she sternly told them not to sell weapons that could end up being aimed at U.S. forces in Asia.

One foreign minister spilled his drink when she delivered that warning over coffee in Brussels, a senior U.S. official said.


Anhoni Patel said...

Condy is the best liar ever.

How does she sleep at night? Oh wait, she's dead inside.

Mike V. said...

Hey, now we can change the old joke:

You can't kill a stripper/hooker, she's already dead inside.

Perfect, let's try it out:

You can't kill Condie, she's already dead inside.


SheaNC said...

That tight collar she wears reveals an amulet from ancient egypt that gives her awsome powers to destroy entire civilizations. It is kept covered because it glows with hellfire that can blind ordinary humans.

Sar said...

Bwaaaaaaaaaa! Shea you kill me. But I'm not dead inside! ;)