Monday, December 05, 2005

Any interesting events or famous people born on your birthday?

Mine's not until next August, but I'm just throwing it out there.

Some famous people born on my day are:
Louis Armstrong
Roger Clemens
Percy Bysshe Shelley (the poet)
Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
Billy Bob Thornton
Richard Belzer
Helen Thomas

Some things in history that happened on my birthday:
Dom Perignon invents champagne 1693
Custer and 7th Cavalry attacked by Indians 1873
Lizzie Borden arrested in Fall River, Mass 1892
Britain declares war on Germany, Germany declares war on Belgium 1914
Anne Frank caught by the filthy Nazis 1944
Billboard "Hot 100" chart introduced 1958
Slain civil rights workers found in Miss. 1964
Willie Stargell is first to hit a HR outside of Dodger Stadium 1969
Prince's "Purple Rain," album goes to #1 & stays #1 for 24 weeks 1984
Calif Angel Rod Carew gets his 3,000th hit 1985


gabsmash said...

love your new avatar- where do you get the bday info?

Mike V. said...

couple places:
History Channel and

thanks for the kind words about my picture.
that was taken in a coffee shop in NYC downtown after walking from Brooklyn across the bridge, then to somewhere south of TriBeCa near north of Chambers, I think.

jessica said...

december 9th. share a birthday with john milton, redd foxx & worf (from star trek). worf's looking especially pimp here.

on this day...
1640 Settler Hugh Bewitt banished from Massachusetts colony when he declares himself to be free of original sin

1905 French Assembly National votes for separation of church & state

1965 "A Charlie Brown Christmas" premieres

1967 Jim Morrison, arrested on stage for disturbing the peace

1978 1st game of the Women's Pro Basketball League (WBL), Chicago Hustle vs Milwaukee Does

Mike V. said...

Jim was a busy guy, turns out he was busted on my birthdate (which is Aug 4th, BTW) as well. :)

SheaNC said...

Here's me.

LA said...

I share a birthday with a real eclectic mix: Robert Altman, Ansel Adams, Kurt Cobain, Cindy Crawford, Sidney Poitier, Ivana Trump, Nancy Wilson, Patty Hearst, Charles Barkley. Barkley and I were actually born on the same date.