Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Maybe we can get Bush on RICO laws?

Because I was thinking today, that the "war on terror" is about the largest money-laundering scheme ever conconcted.
I wrote that it was such off the cuff on some neo-con blog (mikesamerica, if you care. he's insane), but the more you think about it, the more it actually sounds right.

If you don't know what money laundering is, please ketchup on your mobster movies.
Basically, it's when a "legitimate" business is used to funnel dirty money. Like the pizza place on the corner.
So think of the War On Terror, (Napalm slices to Go!) as the business (which of course has cost over 2000 American lives, many tens of thousand of wounded Americans and many more Iraqi civilians' lives) and through it, W and his neo-cons funnel money to Bechtel; Kellogg, Brown and Root; Halliburton, etc.. Pretty nifty scheme.

Hell, Bush is like the Capo di tutti Capo because he did the same thing after Hurricane Katrina. No bid contracts? Coming right up! Wages too high? Suspend that Davis Bacon act! Need more slave labor? Homeland, don't bust anyone for hiring illegals! The money has flowed like water into the hands of the wealthy.

Not like no one has talked about this as a war for oil and money, but I think it helps to frame the debate.


SheaNC said...

That's a good analysis. They're all in the energy industry, in a war for oil... and Cheney's secret energy policy meeting was likely the mob bosses' summit.

Anhoni Patel said...


Rick said...

The reader should conclude that your post is clever. It is a poor strategy to proclaim it to be clever then have the reader conclude that you don't know the meaning of the word. Of course, it's your post and perhaps you were not really gunning for clever. That being the case, you have been a smashing success.

Mike V. said...

Well, Anon Rick, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, if in fact we are to conclude that you are said "reader".

AP: Please, not so wordy next time.. :)