Monday, November 21, 2005

Here's Cheney, yelling about calls for truth about Iraq (among other things)

Look at that mean face.. grrr!

Fucking chickenshit.

Who does he fact off with?
Some fucking fascist think tank called the American Enterprise Institute .
What kind of people sit on their board? Well, everyday folk like you and me, of course:

Lee R. Raymond, Vice Chairman
Chairman and CEO
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Edward B. Rust Jr.
Chairman and CEO
State Farm Insurance Companies
William S. Stavropoulos
The Dow Chemical Company

Let's see Cheney address Congress. On CSPAN.

Better yet, let's see a REAL townhall with Americans.
I wonder what they would say??


SheaNC said...

Preaching to the choir of the damned, he was. You know, one of the things that freaks me out about Cheney is the way he never lifts his head all the way up. His head is always hanging down and twisted to the side, as if he doesn't have the strength to lift it. Is he in such bad heath that he can't even lift his head, like the last pope was during his last years?

Gadfly J said...

AAWWW liberals, you gotta love their kindness, compassion and toleration for others! Their communication skills are so genuine, real, warm and fuzzy! LOL

Mike V. said...

So we're supposed to cut Cheney slack?
The guy that is the main man (along with PNAC) for this illegal war in Iraq?
Nice strawman, but it doesn't cut it here.

Gadfly J said...

Crack a book, that's not a straw man, that's just good ol' sarcasm! Mighty fine sarcasm if I do say so myself!

OoOpppss, there I go patting myself on the back. My back patting technique pales in comparison to the master however... hehehe