Monday, November 14, 2005

It seems that the Veterans Day speech didn't fly that well

Even with Bush in the old flight jacket.

What a boob.

Some good OpEd's over at Smirking Chimp today about the reactions.

He just came off sounding angry and defensive.
I know that Rove is "Bush's brain", but can you imagine what it's like inside the actual (what there is) one?

He's been so propped up by his handlers and the stealing of two elections, that for moments, he's probably elated. Then depressed.
If he's not borderline bi-polar in his actions behind the scenes at this point, I would be shocked. I know he says that he doesn't watch TV or read the paper, but you gotta know when only 35 percent of the public thinks you're doing OK.

He's never succeeded in anything in his life. Ever. Money and influence got him lambskin from a couple private universities, jobs and companies to run into the ground, the governorship of Texas and eventually the White House.

He's just the front man for this war of PNAC's making. He's too stupid to do anything but read words (and badly) that are shoved in front of him.


SheaNC said...

And the fact that they chose him as their front man, shows what a low opinion they have of the American people!

Mike V. said...

I don't think it even mattered to them.
I suppose they used the one that was stupid enough to be molded into what they wanted. And they certainly found that in W.