Sunday, September 04, 2005

Tonight's the last night for those that live in The OC.

Will you be there for the spectical that is "Creation" at the Crystal Cathedral?
The OC Weekly did a funny story a few weeks back:

Church du Soleil, The Rev. Schuller's daughter puts on a show. Very cool puppets rule.

From the article:

That would be Creation, the $12-or-so-million, two-act, multimedia, mixed-message theatrical extravaganza, conceived, written, produced and directed by Carol Schuller Milner, daughter of Cathedral founder Dr. Robert H. Schuller. Creation is scheduled to run through September 4. If all goes well, it’ll run at least nine more summers. Attempting no less than to tell the story of the world’s beginning, it is a self-conscious mix of the conceptual and the literal; cosmology and theology; New Age and biblical. It is, as one production person puts it, “Our Town meets O meets The Lion King.”

Apparently, there have been some mixed reviews, however, and it involves nudity:

“You’d get more out of it if it was literal,” one woman, a veteran of the Glory shows, said. One of the men with her concurred, complaining that Creation wasn’t biblical enough: “Adam and Eve were born nude,” he said. “Here they had clothes on. I wanted to see a fig leaf.”

Wow, this guy's looking for some Adam and Eve action.
I'll go out on a limb and figure this guy takes his Bible straight, thank you very much.

Throughout Creation, the word “God” is never spoken.

Instead, Milner has substituted “the presence.” She says the George Lucasian phrasing is intended as a term of intimacy.

“It’s also supposed to be a term of endearment,” Milner says. “My husband is named Tim, and I probably call him Tim three times a year. Otherwise I call him ‘Honey.’”

"Sweetheart, will you please take out the trash for me?"
"Just a minute, Love, I'm sizing some fig leaves for my favorite couple, The Adams."
"OK, Dear, whenever you have a minute."

Heading north, toward the Los Angeles offices of the Center For Inquiry (CFI) West, Jim Underdown—passenger, atheist and executive director of the pseudoscience-debunking, secular humanist CFI—is ready to offer a review of the evening’s entertainment: “A high school religious pageant on steroids,” he says.

Jim sounds like and interesting dude.

He also vistited a place I didn't know about here in San Diego County over in Santee (which explains a lot) called the Institute for Creation Research (ICR). They most CERTAINLY take their Bible straight, thank you very much, as they believe that God created the whole enchilada in the literal 6 days as set forth in Genesis (quick, who sang for Genesis before Phil Collins took over?*)

Underdown has a favorite creation story, though, according to the article: The Big Bang.

Philosophically, religion and science can co-exist, of course.
Just so long as they don't start handing out snakes and apples in Biology..

*the singer known as Peter Gabriel. What a very Biblical sounding name. How appropriate.

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