Saturday, September 03, 2005

I would like to insert (as it were) a little humor into the week:

Well, the weekend.
I was poking around the InterTron* this evening and stumbled upon an interesting blog site and from there, to the personal site of one of the contributors.
From THERE, he had a post to a very funny piece on ANOTHER blog (my how we can bounce around the Internets so quickly) that jokes about the revelations (or whatever) of some whacked out Christian weirdos who said that the Hurricane hit NO because of some gay festival of some kind about to happen.
Still with me. It's late and I barely am, so stick with me here.
So, here's some of the funny stuff quoted from site number 3:

"Now I, a rather rational person, except when I'm writing horror stories, sci-fi tales, or balancing my check-book, was shocked to hear this. I thought an unfortunate confluence of atmospheric events caused hurricanes, but apparently it's common knowledge by many people, Mr. Marcavage and Rev. Pat Robertson included, that butt bouncing and bumping causes the heavens to unload their wet wrath on both the land and the seas."

Quite funny.
And points out just how stupid some of the true nutcases of the Religious Reich really are.

"But then I pondered deeply the power that me and my brethren held deep in our... well you know where.. and decided in a flash to embrace stone age logic. For if several hundred thousand humpin' homos can level a city, what might a few hundred do to a hate spewing organization?"

It goes on from there.
Funny read. You can imagine where it goes from there if you don't want to click..

*InterTron=The Internet=The Internets. I credit my friend Dick, though he probably stole it from


Sar said...

Damn, Mike, those spammers sure love your site. Can't blame them, so do I! :)

Funny post, and well timed in my opinion. None of us want to turn our backs on the plight of the victims of Katrina or stop trying to figure out what went wrong and get them the help they deserved from the get go, but it's been very, very heavy.

Tying that in with your post, it just goes to show there is a fundamental (no pun intended) difference between true Christians who are peforming truely Christian acts, like helping the victims, and the religious wackos who try to use Jesus as the backbone of their bizzare notions to exploit this tragedy.

Mike V. said...

always timely, always thoughtful, thanks for the comment.

how's that for a standard reply? :)

Sar said...

Considerately standard. Chew on that! :)