Wednesday, September 07, 2005

More lies from the RNC. Are you surprised??

Found this today.

Easily Disprovable Lies About Hurricane Katrina Response

I have copied some of it here, but go read the rest.

The three dishonest talking points being spread by the GOP are these:

1) The Mayor of New Orleans did not follow the portion of the New Orleans Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, which specifies “Special arrangements will be made to evacuate persons unable to evacuate themselves.”

If this quote is taken in context, it is clear that it is referring to evacuating people to an emergency shelter within the city, not evacuating people to points outside the city. The Mayor did implement an emergency bussing system that evacuated the city's poor and disabled to the Superdome.

This can be verified by reading the plan at

2) The Governor of Louisiana failed to request federal help in a timely manner.

The Governor requested help on August 28, 2005 as can be easily seen by viewing her official request at

The official White House response to this request is in the press release at

In fact, the President declared a State of Emergency in Louisiana on August 26, 2005 that technically made the Governor’s request unnecessary. This can be seen from the official White House press release at

3) Federal Agencies were unable to respond in a timely manner because the Governor did not request their help.

Actually, once the President declared the State of Emergency on August 26, 2005, it triggered something called “An Incident of National Significance.” According to the United States National Response Plan, this has quite a few consequences, all of which are designed to put the Federal Government in charge, eliminate delays based on paperwork, and eliminate any need for local officials to ask for help.

The US National Response Plan can be found at

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