Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Steve Young gets in Canton, OH

Being from the Bay Area and a 49er fan (as opposed to a criminal, I mean Raider fan) I am really happy for Young.
He was a great quarterback and one of the few people I can truly say seemed to play with all his heart in every game I every watched.
Young "only" won one Super Bowl (1994 against the Chargers) but built a hell of a lasting record including these leaders:

Most Consecutive Seasons Leading League-4
Highest Passer Rating, Career (1,500 attempts)-96.8

I know he certainly has his detractors, including many from the Bay Area who did not like to see him replace Montana, but I think he was an amazing part of the team.
My hat's off to Steve Young for a well-deserved placement into the Hall of Fame.

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