Tuesday, August 09, 2005

great book, just finished the new one by Michael Connelly

Connelly never lets me down.
This is a great novel, but I will preface this by saying that if you have not read any of the Harry Bosch novels before, you will not want to start with this one because it will make no sense. OK, that's overstating it a bit, but there is certainly some backstory you will want on Harry, Kiz and the LAPD of Connelly's novels.
Start at the beginning (The Black Echo) and work from there.
It will be more than worth it. That ought to keep you busy.
This is not a fast moving novel with a lot of action, but being along with Harry as he works this one cold case along with his fellow "closers" that are tasked with getting old cases cleared is a treat.
Harry and Kiz Rider are back together as partners working on their first case after she gets Harry to come out of retirement and come on this special team that is part of Robbery Homicide.
The case is from 1988 and has to do with an unsolved murder of a high school girl in the Valley.
Working it brings them in contact with racists, with two parents who's lives were completely turned upside down and things come circle back into the LAPD itself.
Again, for those that have read all the others, you WILL enjoy the outcome.

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