Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Start your day

With yesterday's news?
I got home late from work today, what can I tell you?
No time for a heck of a lot.
Here's some good links:

Bush approval ratings at lowest levels so far(AP via insidebayarea.com)
Gee, can't imagine why..

Robert Scheer: 'Bush's blind spot on Iran' (LA Times)

Amy Schiller: 'The Wal-Mart thought police'

The above OpEd is close to my heart as an ex-union person yet still pro-labor high tech geek.
In my opinion, there has never been a worse company for America since like the Gilded Age than Wal-Mart has been to the US in the last couple of decades.
This largest of all companies in the world is responsible for the lowering of wages, working conditions and benefits for ALL working people in this great country of ours.
Their horrifying 25 million collective square feet of concrete boxes filled with shit made by kids in China are edifices to the worst that capitalism has to offer and all about un-bridled consumerism.
I hate their smiley face, I hate their censoring of books and records (and whatever else they deem "un-family") and I can't stand their presense in my city.
I never have and never will step foot in one of those stores, I don't care the price of what I might need to buy.
Because the real cost to us, to our communities is measured by a much greater yardstick than the cost of tide.
It's the standards that working people that live here and that which our communities NEED that are being brought down by the likes of Wal-Mart.
Who do you think pays in the end of the people that work there and cannot get good health benefits?
What happens to America when they have forced every single good manufacturing job overseas in the pure pursuit of profit for a handful of people?
What good is it REALLY to your community to have a plethora of low paying jobs?
Is that good for your neighborhood? For your city?
I supported 100 percent the grocery strikers here in Southern CA a year back when they were fighting to maintain what they had fought so hard to get.
I want to have places in my community where working people are paid a good wage and have benefits.
They are my neighbors, the families, the single moms or dads, the working college students.
We need a strong working class, a middle class, in this country. It's always been the heart of our country and drives this economy.
Fight for it.

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