Tuesday, August 16, 2005

how about a 50 dollar laptop?

Sorry, they are all gone.

I guess the The Henrico County school system in Richmond, VA was selling 1000 of them for a mere 50 bones.
Speaking of bones, apparently, some were broken or something.

There turned out to be quite a stampede of 5500 PEOPLE all there to get a 4 year old Apple.
A 4 year old Apple? I wouldn't take one of you brought it to my house!

From the story:
"Seventeen people suffered minor injuries, with four requiring hospital treatment, Henrico County Battalion Chief Steve Wood said. There were no arrests and the iBooks sold out by 1 p.m."

Good God. All for a crappy old laptop?

Blandine Alexander, 33, said one woman standing in front of her was so desperate to retain her place in line that she urinated on herself."

I don't think even the Beatles had people pissing their pants in line.
Get the tie-in, Beatles-Apple Records??

Man, are we going through that rough a patch here in the US that people will act like this?
Are they crazy? Combination of the two?
Christ, when I first read the article, I thought it was something off the front page of The Onion.

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Sar said...

This was relatively local news here. The radio stations were sending people oto the line to see if they could get one. I don't recall hearing at any point they were 4 year old laptops. Would it have made a difference to those on line? Probably not to most. Crazy shit, indeed!