Thursday, August 18, 2005

People scare me.

Check out this horrible tattoo.
Don't get me wrong, I have several tattoos, but no one wants to see ugly ones.

Get on over to and see the whole story.

If you dare.

Here's a sampling of the fashion guys talking about this tattoo:

Dr. Thorpe: That wizard looks incredibly ashamed to be there. He looks like a really skittish dog that's just been hit in the nose with a rolled-up newspaper.

Zack: This guy is so dead in prison unless he can convince the Latin Kings that he belongs to a street gang called the Hebrew Wizards. That might cause more problems with the Aryan Nation, though.

Dr. Thorpe: I think the wizard is embarrassed that we just walked in on him while he was sitting on some fat nerd's big hairy tit.

Zack: I like how even the guy's boob has a beard. That's sweet. By "like" I mean that I enjoy medical oddities and wolfman grotesques.


Well, not really, I just thought this one would get you over there.

Check out the color on this lovely Jesus Tattoo.
It's stunning.
And scary.

Here's a couple comments from Zack and Dr. Thorpe.

Zack: Save yourself from jaundice and hemorrhaging tear ducts. I like the Greek curls the artist added to the beard and hair of Our Lord. It's very Zeus.

Dr. Thorpe: And the blue skin is very Dr. Manhattan.

Zack: And the mustache is very Freddy Mercury.

Dr. Thorpe: This reminds me of the artwork that extreme schizophrenics make in mental hospitals. This tortured blue Jesus is all the poor artist sees when he closes his eyes.


Sar said...

How often do you think the guy in the initial photo has this conversation:

"Hey, wanna see my killer tattoo?"

"Um, okay"

*dude lifts shirt*


"No, no, buddy, eyes up here"

"Ooohhh, that. Riiiight. Well that's, um, interesting."

Mike V. said...

go look at the whole thing.
freakin funny.
wait till you see the star wars and the nascar ones.

Sar said...

Okay I saw them all. Most disturbing? Hulkamania on the fat man's back (dude, the fat's still there!). Most curious? The Metallica band. Why? I wasn't sure if the tattoo of James Hatfield was supposed to look like a facial contusion or if it was just happenstance that the tattoo'd guy himself had an injury in that of all locations.