Thursday, August 11, 2005


We were at the game today when this happened.
It was hard to see from our seats how bad it was, but it was.

Per Reuters:
"New York Mets' center fielder Carlos Beltran (L) collides with right fielder Mike Cameron (R) as they dive for a triple in shallow center field hit by San Diego Padres' Dave Ross during the 7th inning."

Game delayed 13 minutes after head-to-head collision

There's video on the above link, but man it's painful to watch.
Let's hope he'll be OK.


Sar said...

Who would've thought of baseball as a contact sport?!

Mike V. said...

let me tell you, even though we did not have a straight on view like this picture, it was a scary thing to see.
No one wants to see a guy go down like that and then not get up.

Sar said...


Maybe they should get a "helmut and some shoulder-ma-pads". ;)