Thursday, August 11, 2005

My day at the computer is cut short due to a ballgame, so read these links:

As usual, there are some good things to check out on the Chimp today.

Mother's protest at Bush's doorstep raises the stakes
By Edwin Chen and Dana Calvo, Los Angeles Times
"CRAWFORD, Texas — For more than a year, a modest bungalow known as "Peace House," located a few miles from President Bush's ranch, has served as a headquarters for antiwar activists. It is lonely work, with little more than a skeleton crew on hand much of the time."

Stan Cox: 'The weird science of the Religious Right'
"Seven of the greatest hits (or misses) of conservative Christian 'science' show just how little fact goes into these beliefs, and how much damage they can cause."
By Stan Cox, AlterNet

Bob Herbert: 'No end in sight in Iraq'
By Bob Herbert, New York Times
"The news coming out of Iraq yesterday was that several more American soldiers had been killed. August's toll so far has been mind-numbing. For American troops, it's been one of the worst periods of the war. And yet there's still no sense of urgency within the Bush administration."


Chris Woods said...

Enjoy the game--I saw over at Sound Destruction that you were off to the Padres game, hopefully they'll crush the Mets.

My brother is currently training to be a Marine in San Diego at the base there and I guess a lot of recruit platoons are making their way over to see a game. I hear they get some nice warm welcomes, so I hope if any are there tonight, that they got one too.

Mike V. said...

Yes, they won.
Lotsa good pitching, with Trevor closing things out as usual.
My best to your brother, let's hope he remains here and stays safe.