Saturday, September 03, 2011

Celebrate labor this weekend

Don't believe the lies from those that fight against labor. Remember what was done in the past for YOU!
The corporate/ruling class along with DC successfully beat down the labor movement with efficiency and with the help of our own labor force.
They convinced your average working person that unions were outdated, were taking money from them in the form of higher prices, etc.. or even better THEY were getting something YOU were not. And they convinced people to look the other way at "social issues" while they kicked everyone that earns a paycheck in the teeth.
Let's face it, your average American is not that bright. These people that turned their backs on their own fellow American working people couldn't and don't connect the dots - that what they DO have (such as it is now) - was fought for with collective bargaining. Or just plain fought for with workers' own busted heads and busted knuckles.
We have all benefitted from what those tough people fought for and America was better for many decades because of them.
I joined a union in 1984 at 18 years old (United Food and Commercial Workers Union local 428) and was a member until 2000. When I first joined, I didn't understand the importance, but I learned quickly and have always supported the labor movement. I moved into the high tech world and have been very fortunate to have what I have now. But I will NEVER cross a picket line, will never begrudge what someone else makes working for a living and understand all that was done for me in the past to make sure we all have better working conditions (and more) because of hard won battles.
We can only be strong as a nation when we have a strong middle class.
Support our fellow Americans! Happy Labor Day weekend!


david said...

Good thoughts! Have a great long weekend Mike.

Mike V. said...

thank, you! enjoy your weekend as well!