Sunday, August 14, 2011

Megyn Kelly shows why she's a soulless automaton.

And she does so while being both correct and showing her blatant hypocrisy here.
This is a full on example of what we have become as a society. Selfish idiots like this. It only would have been better if she had screamed "keep your damn government hands off my maternity leave!"
How else do you explain a time when working class people will condemn their own class for wanting to be in a union, or collect unemployment benefits?
They're fired up about greedy teachers and fireman and the police that help and protect them, but never take a swipe against the crass one percent of Americans that own most of the wealth or bankers that worked hard to bring down our economy. Sorry, "job creators". Job creators sitting on 2 trillion dollars of cash who reward their executives millions in bonuses for laying people off and not hiring while they are profitable.

Margaret Thatcher and Reagan successfully started a revolution that told people that there is no society, that you are a society of one. Don't you dare start giving a crap about the rest of the world or the community around you. Those greedy folks that are living in your neighborhood who want to earn a good living, stay protected from dirty air and water or get a hand up when they are down are STEALING FROM YOU! But don't look at the Wall Street bank that actually did pick your pocket.

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