Sunday, February 20, 2011

High and low points in our great country

I was watching CBS Sunday Morning and two stories really struck me.

The first one was about people in the town of Prichard, Alabama who have had their pensions basically stolen from them.

The second was about John Glenn's amazing life including his Mercury orbit that happened on 49 years ago this weekend on Feb 20th, 1962.

Almost 50 years ago, we were all working towards being the greatest country on earth. Still with a lot of work ahead, of course, but what a time. Launching a man into space. Imagine the wonder.

Today, all around us, America is attacking teachers and firefighters and police and the entire middle class after bankers on Wall Street and elsewhere brought the entire world to its collective knees with their shenanigans. They defrauded the entire world (other than the already wealthy) and perpetrated the greatest wealth transfer in history from working people to the already rich and no one goes to jail. Amazing. And sad.

And on that topic..
The war on working people and why certain assholes should be in jail:

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