Friday, October 08, 2010

Oh for the love of campaign season.

Or how we learned to stop worrying and love being bombarded with political ads..

We've certainly been able to turn up the crazy. Hell, we've even found someone more stupid - yet maybe not as fertile - as Sarah Palin. Oh, Christine O'Donnell, how we love thee. And she's not even the most insane.
Look, I realize that a lot of people are mad at "the establishment" but Sharron Angle? She's a dangerous nut case who thinks we should abolish the EPA, for crissakes. She's worried that we're in danger of having Sharia Law take hold in the USA. BTW, why are the teabaggers such pussies?
People must be really pissed at Harry Reid if he's neck and neck with that dummy. I think Reid is damn close to a useful idiot, but I sure as hell wouldn't replace him with someone that wants to privatize Social Security. Which in light of the recession, I find hilarious.
You know what the right wing oligarchy REALLY hates about SS? That it's been successful and it does exactly what it's supposed to do. The teabaggers hate SS because their masters told them (after requiring that they genuflect in front of a statue of Ayn Rand) that this and all other "entitlements" is just giving money to brown people. However, giving trillions of dollars to the Military Industrial Complex is awesome. Because they kill brown people. See? It all makes sense.
Also, we can "fix" SS tomorrow forever by removing the income cap. Everyone pays into it, no matter how much you make.

The rate with which your average so-called conservative schlub will vote exactly against their own best interest is amazing. And they will do so with some twisted combination of christian circular logic (I love Jesus AND war!) mixed with a "free market" (no regulation!) they can't even begin to understand. Maybe they they think Jesus was really John Galt. An all-seeing model for capitalism (which in this country is really just corporatism) with a mix of meanness and miracle and cynicism.
Take the "American Family Association". No, really, take them.
A family fell behind on their payments in rural Tennessee for fire protection, so the fire department just let their house burn to the ground. As an added bonus, they did so with the family pets inside. The "christian" leader of the AFA sez that Jesus would have done the same thing as the sick fucks in the fire department. We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn.
Which when you think about it, is sort of the rallying cry of our overlords.. They've already gutted our infrastructure, shipped our jobs overseas, killed good regulation and kept wages as low as possible for the last 30 years. While at the same time paying themselves more than ever.
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!

I'm mad at the establishment, too. Maybe for other reasons than some folks.. But there is no fucking way in hell that we need to unleash even more conservatism into the governing bodies at any level. What we really need to do is tell them to ACTUALLY FIGHT FOR WORKING PEOPLE AND THE FUTURE OF THE USA!. Enough with the bank bailouts; start rebuilding our infrastructure, return sane regulation to the financial markets as well as the environment and our food. Spend spend spend on schools, keeping people in their homes, on renewable energy and our open spaces.
Oh, and get us the hell out of Afghanistan and Iraq for real and forever..
In other words, put the fire out.



jadedj said...

Indeedy. With you.

The idjit two baggers are not the only ones pissed off, but for very different reasons...all of them outlined in this post.

I am so pissed I almost can't talk about it...and it gets worse every day.


Tom Harper said...

These teajobs who keep quoting Ayn Rand are either unaware, or too dumb to comprehend, that Ayn Rand hated religion and religious cult groups as much as she hated needy people.

I don't know what's running through these people's minds (using the term loosely) when they shout about John Galt and "Freedom!" and at the same time they're trying to outlaw abortion and birth control, make our drug laws even stricter, etc.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for chiming in, fellas.
Haven't had too much time to sit down and write lately.
But I am enjoying the show this campaign season. And by enjoying, I mean trying not to cry.