Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arizona, grand canyon state to police state.

What a joke.
So the people in AZ finally found a way to codify their hatred of anyone that's not white. And then their governor signed it into law.
I'm not against immigration reform. Illegals coming into this country and getting abused while working for nothing lowers the standard of living for all people in the US. But this isn't going to do anything, and it's not fucking enforceable. It's just racism. These are your basic Teabaggers you see whining "we want our country back". Translation: I hate brown people.
I just read some dipshit on one of the Yahoo message boards that said, and I quote, "try getting caught in Mexico or some country in Central America without proper papers and see what happens." So you want us to be like a third world country. Congrats, you're a fucking idiot.
Of course, these are the same types that want to fight the "terrorists" from the middle east, then out of the other side of their mouth, think that the backwards way of fighting crime in their ridiculous theocracies is a good idea.
Jesus, these people are mental. I mean, really.
So does this mean that anyone and everyone that goes out in public in AZ has to carry around their passport or a birth certificate? Christ, now we have an entire state run by "birthers"!! Great.
Well, good luck with that, idiots.
Greg Palast also has one more angle which we've discussed before. Why do the republicans hate America so much?


Tom Harper said...

I guess Arizona residents won't mind having to carry their passport, birth certificate and at least 3 pieces of ID with their picture, every time they leave the house.

That lame movie "Born in East L.A." might start happening in real life in Arizona.

Mike V. said...

Exactly. Just leaving aside the racial thing for a moment, how in the hell are they going to actually make this work? Answer: They can't.