Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tea Party In Nashville

The last time Palin used her hand that much was when she had to jerk off the first dude when they were in high school..
She should have taught her daughter that trick..

Seriously, though. I hope she runs for President. I mean, how awesome would that be?
Hey, the republicans in their most cynical move in history stuck her out on the national stage, why can't I have a little bit of cynicism?
I'm trying to figure out if she's cunning enough to know that they (the republians) will crush her themselves if she did. She is stupid as a box of rocks, but I'm wondering HOW stupid.

Also, how about that Tom Tancredo, huh?
Bringing back the old voting tests. Great idea, Tom. You racist fuck.
Jesus, can't believe this guy.

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Tom Harper said...

I don't think Obama would be a shoe-in to get re-elected even if his opponent was Palin or somebody else equally stupid.

Running against an extremist fringe opponent doesn't guarantee anything. That's how Reagan became governor of CA in the late '60s. Pat Brown was running for re-election and he thought that rightwing ex-actor running against him would be a pushover.

Governor Reagan.

President Palin.

[gag] Those last 2 words make my eyes hurt.