Thursday, January 28, 2010

STFU Speech Jan 27th

I think Obama bought himself some time with the American people after this speech, but I'd truly like to see some of the ideas presented last night made into reality.
I have to keep reminding myself that it's only been a year. I've not been his biggest fan, though I did vote for the guy. President Palin? Right.
It shouldn't be a shock when the Rethugs DON'T clap and it's normal for the opposite side of the aisle to remain seated when the prez announces plans, but some of these things are "no-brainers" - as it were. Of course they pitched tents in their trousers when he talked about clean coal, nuclear and capital gains tax cuts. But they really show where they stand when it's crickets on their side at mention of small business tax credits, student loan help and keeping foreign money out of our elections.
Who knows, this dude might turn out to be the smartest fucker that's ever held the office if his insistence to work his methods turns out to work and the country comes back to life. For everyone. Particularly if he can actually get things from his populist agenda through. In fact, if the bulk of his populist ideas DON'T make it through and we stay on this same course, we could be royally fucked. Unless you're already rich from the last couple decades of wealth transfer..
We shall see..

They love to sit on their hands:

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Tom Harper said...

Good find, all those videos. No doubt, if Obama had yelled "(villain of the week) has Weapons of Mass Destruction!" those same lifeless Republicans would've been jumping for joy and clapping 'til their hands bled.