Monday, November 16, 2009

Keep up the pressure on Washington for real health care reform. (also with video below)

The deal is that we have to join the rest of the civilized world.
I'm tired of all the fighting and the calls for letting the "free market" take care of things. I'm tired of the tea party protesters and all the conservatives that are all of sudden worried about the money aspect.

First of all, there is no free market. There never has been one, there never will be one and there isn't one now. A true free market cannot exist purely due to human nature, end of story.
Second, I find if fascinating that within DC and the tea parties, all the conservatives are agreeing that we need health care reform and that it's terrible what's happening to working people, but.. what did they do for 10 years? Nothing. They allowed it to get worse.
Third, no one is going to have to deal with so-called government run health care. What there will be will be an option to have a government payer. What we REALLY need is universal care something along the lines of medicare for all, but that's a different issue.

It's not about the money. Never has been about it. Otherwise, the same people taking to the streets for "tea parties" would have been protesting our involvement in Iraq. Wouldn't they? Wouldn't anyone be against that clearly illegal invasion and occupation where the US handed over pallets of money to contractors to do nothing? One of which that had a conflict of interest with some guy named Cheney. Wouldn't they be against invading a nation to secure the control of oil fields for Exxon and Shell?
I bet if we'd not invaded Iraq, that could have paid for some care.
But I already know it's not about the money.
Where were all these people worried about the devaluing of the USD when Greenspan turned on the spigot and lowered interest rates BELOW the rate of inflation to create a false bubble when Bush took office?

Talk to health care PROVIDERS as in doctors and nurses.
They will tell you that what we have now is NOT WORKING and we need reform. Larger numbers of them believe we should have a single payer system as well. Not "government run health care" but a single payer rather than hundreds of them in the form of for profit insurance companies they have to deal with now.

We need reform top to bottom, private and public.
The profiteering on the backs of the sick, the dying and the working class needs to stop.

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