Friday, September 11, 2009

The end of an era

About 12 years ago I adopted yellow lab litter mates that were 2 years old.
Nala and Sierra. And man were they a handful. Anyone that's been around labrador retrievers knows what they can be like. But, of course with all that high energy and massive naughtiness is a smart, loyal and sweet dog.
Sierra was a little high strung at times, but Nala was the sweetest thing in the world from day one and for her whole life. Have a look at that face. That's just what she was like 24 hours a day.

A week ago, after some old age ailments were really starting to get the best of her, we had to have her put to sleep.
When you've had a dog for so long, it's sad, but also a little weird when they are not around anymore. No more strawberries in the morning anymore, no more stepping over her bed at night if I have to get up in the dark. But mostly, there's that empty place in the house where your friend used to be.

I miss our girl very much. She was everything you'd ever want in a big doggie and more.
If there's another side, I hope she's got nothing but the most tasty dog food, squirrels to chase and warm water for swimming all day long.

Poppy and Otis are the new era.
They loved their sister who welcomed them in the last couple years into the house and I'm sure they miss her, too.

Dogs are the best people ever.


Christina said...

I miss our sweet girl everyday, very well said!!!

Kristin said...

I am sad for your lose...all the best, and stay strong. Dogs ARE the best!