Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just trying to lay low, man

So when I got up this morning, it marked the third Weds in a row that I awoke without a job.

I was laid off on Tues March 31st (with a shitload of other people) in what was a very surreal morning in which I was at my desk around 6am and home about 9am or so wondering "WTF?" while I stared at a box of crap that I packed up from my desk. Not much. A piggy bank, picture of my wife and me having pizza in Brooklyn, a CD or two and my headphones. Oh, this is the funny part, my framed milestone certificate that I got last year for my 5 years of service.

So I joined the masses (literally) around the country now looking for work. In one respect, I should be grateful: My wife is still gainfully employed and I have a severance. There are a lot of people worse off than me.
But it's an odd thing being a grown man with a mortgage and all that to be sent home packing after getting up before the sun pretty much every day - other than vacation time - to all of a sudden be here at home.

The first week I was a fucking machine. I cleaned, painted and worked in the yard and cooked like a mad man. Walls, door trim, replaced knobs, new vegetables in the ground, roses clipped, grass mowed, dog shit picked up in a super-timely fashion. Like a fucking whirlwind, man.
Week two, eh. Some things here and there, picking up, touching up some paint again.
Last week I was a little more bummed out, though I had a good meeting with a recruiter that cold-called me.

I'm trying to do the usual thing "make it a job to look for a job" like everyone says. So I don't sleep too late. But I don't get up before dawn like I did before. And I surf the job boards and updated my resume post haste.
My wife has been very supportive and we could live a much lower standard of living off what she makes, but still.. I'm very thankful for her.

I've never NOT worked for 25 fucking years, now.
I got my first job right after high school was over for me in 1984 and have always worked. It has a bizarre feeling. I'm not like Kramer on Seinfeld. I doubt good fortune would just drop in my lap without ever having to work for a living.. :)
And I'm also not like a couple losers I have known over the years that somehow just sort of squeak by without ever having to really do anything. Of course, one of them was in his 40's and lived rent free with mommy and was a little nuts, so there is that..

Here's to all the job-hunters. May your paychecks start again soon and Dilbert cartoons come to life right there in your office.


Christina said...

You will find something and I believe in you greatly!! This will be much better for you in the long run, it was horrible there and I know :-)

LA said...

I'm so sorry, Mike. Just sent you an email. Hang in there, it WILL turn around.

Tom Harper said...

Well that sucks. Sorry to hear about this. Hang in there. This depression will end, just like all the others have.

Good luck.

SheaNC said...

You have my sympathies. I live in fear of it happening to me... I don't have the additional family income to help in such an emergency. Best of luck.

San Diego Beaches said...

This will end sooner than you think. Just hang in there Mike.

Anonymous said...

My heart went out to you while I read this honest blog. I wish you get out of your jobless situation soon!! All the best!

This is Joshua from Israeli Uncensored News