Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America says no to Joe and Sarah

I'm not one to rub faces into it (ok, I am sometimes) but this is an exception.
The historic election of Nov 2008 was not a repudiation of republicans, or of conservatism (whatever that is) or even of John McCain.
In a sense, it was a rejection of Joe The Plumber and Sarah Palin. And regressives in general.
When McCain decided to hitch his wagon to these two, it was doomed from that point on.
Joe the fucking plumber? This arrogant, angry, ignorant fucking dipshit? A guy who is mad at Obama for possibly taxing some hypothetical income in his never-to-come-true future?
America took one look at this guy whom McCain called a "roll model" and collectively shook their heads.

And Sarah Palin. Caribou Barbie. Florence Gump. She's cunning, no doubt. But she is as stupid as the day is fucking long. 5 times and she still can't get it right what the Veep does according to the Constitution?
The press calling her out is like taking away her First Amendment rights? OK.
I hope this Alaskan hillbilly had a good taste of some good taste. 'Cause America don't like losers. Like the great philosopher Dandy Don Merideth used to say "turn out the lights, the party's over."
I suggest that you regressives that got a boner over her go out and buy a copy of Nailin' Palin. There were no press "gotchas" with this idiot. She's just an idiot.

No doubt that we've come a long way as a country and it was an amazing night to see our first black man get elected president. But people can also "do the math" as they say.
4 more (or more) years of regressive, neoliberal/neoconservative rule was not in the cards. We all said it's time to move on to something else and swing that pendulum the other way for once in 40 years.
Let's go about moving things in a better direction.

Bring it on Home, baby.

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SheaNC said...

The impact of this gets more profound to me every time I think about it. I've spent 4 years focused on the evil of the bushcheney regime... now I can bask in the sunshine again. Wow.

Mike V. said...

I love watching the video of people in other countries cheering for us again.

Tom Harper said...

This was such excellent news, I just can't describe the feelings of relief. 8 years of fury and anger have all vanished for the moment. Now I don't even know what I'll blog about. I'm sure I'll find something else to rant about, but for now I'm just enjoying the bliss and serenity.

LA said...

I heard that Alec Baldwin calls Palin "Bible Spice." Classic!

Can't wait until 1/20/09!