Tuesday, October 21, 2008

21st Century Turn Around

Return of the Progressives (I hope)

I'd argue that the 60's were the end of the modern progressive era, and we turned from that and have never looked back, much to the damage to our nation.

Our nation was a progressive, liberal democracy post WW2 save for civil rights abuses, of course, but that again shook out by the end of the 60's for the most part.
From FDR to Truman to Eisenhower to JFK and into the era of civil rights fighters, these were the true heroes of the 20th Century. Not Saint Ronny.
All of them forward thinking with regards to their NATION, not for selfishness.

We led ourselves dangerously into a possible path to a new Gilded Age which I hope will be stopped.
And instead of focusing on real issues that affect our nation as a whole, there's so much hand wringing over "wedge issues" that do not have anything to do with my life.
Conversely, while folks are wringing their hands about who can marry who (WHO CARES!!!) their pockets are being picked to transfer wealth from their paychecks to the very machine that Eisenhower warned of, or to the very men that helped bring down Wall Street.

Here's to the new progressives.
Whomever they may be, we need them again.


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