Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dick Morris, Fox News. What else do you need to know?

Dick Dick actually said this about half way through, so you'll have to wait for it (video below):

On Obama saying we shouldn't have gone into Iraq he says
"Where he’s wrong is that we went into Iraq at the invitation of the government. Not as an invasion."

Yes, I am afraid that he actually said that. Seriously.

This is one of those instances (and we need to pay attention to them) when some moron like Dick Dick comes on TV and spews a talking point more than once with the hope that it will later be repeated by the echo machine.
A point with NO basis in fact at all.
This is how they start. Spew a lie, repeat, get the echo chamber working.
How many fucking Reich Wing blogs will have this within 24 hours?
During the campaign, the “Obama Camp” needs to keep a running tally of these kinds of foolish statements and hammer them back into the ground where they fucking belong.

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Sar said...

Dick's name says it all. I admire how swiftly Obama's camp calls these collective Dicks out (hey now!) and with a verocity not seen from the Dems in a long time (including establishing their fight the smear site in conjunction with their website).

Oh how much fun it will be to see Joe Biden in full attack mode. Wheeeee!