Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Obama '08

I'm sure that it's not a shock that I think we all should vote for Obama.

Just so we are clear, I'll go over this one time only.

Until McCain publicly repudiates the entire Bush administration, there is no way in hell that he deserves even one vote.
And since he has pretty much done the opposite (while in fact trying without success to paint himself as different than BushCheney) the only choice is Obama, not JJ McSame.

I'm a little bit (just a little) shocked that there are so many Americans - according to recent polls - that are considering voting for this old fool.
I guess they buy into the whole straight talk express and all that happy horseshit.

A vote for McCain is a vote for an extension of the failed Bush years, only with a geezer.
No offense to older people, or whatever, but McSame is too fucking old to be president besides being a damn fool.

McSame is the only reason I would have considered voting for Clinton.
He already has stated that he would appoint more assholes to the Supreme Court like the two Nazi's that Bush appointed.
You know, guys that hate America and our Constitution as much as the president.
No thanks.
More war time tax cuts.

Obama '08 means a chance at reversing the course we've been on.
Plus, as a bonus, he does not appear to be insane.


Ricardo said...

McSame has become anything but a straight talker these days. He embraced many of the right wing groups he denounced in the past and wants to possibly keep the situation in Iraq going for 100 years. Yes a vote for McSame is a vote to extend the abuse we've had under the King George administration. Why anyone wants this is beyond me. There's a lot of brain damage out there.

Mike V. said...

McCain is dangerous. Literally.

There is no way that any sane person should consider voting for this asshole..

Ricardo said...

There's not enough of us sane people left I fear.

notbuyingit said...

Yeah that's it vote for a guy who has done absolutely nothing in 3 years as a senator, but try to establish street cred w/the black powers that be in Illinois.

Yeah change , he wants change. what change ? he doesn't state any policy. The only thing he's changed are his comments about what he said last week (retorically speaking)

Mike V. said...

Sure, what a great idea voting for JJ McSame.
Fucking old fart that wants to continue the Bush failure pile of a presduncy.
God, you really are an idiot. Truly.
Someone that wants to keep us there in Iraq forever fucking around in their civil war while we guard the oil fields for the profit of some US and British oil companies.
No fucking thanks.

Diane said...

"Plus, as a bonus, he does not appear to be insane."

Works for me!

Obama '08!

LA said...

There are two republicans in my immediate family, both are voting for Obama. I am hopeful that they are representative of a moderate republicans across the country who have simply had enough of the BS.