Friday, May 23, 2008

McCain's pastor buddy Hagee and friends

Submitted without comment.
Because what else is there to say other than these people are fucking nuts and the media seems to have no problem with these assholes, yet Obama's pastor what's his face is the devil:


Anonymous said...

Howdy Mike,

You know, there are days when it's all I can do just to even glance at the headlines over at Smirking Chimp, Crooks & Liars, or Truthout, I'm so sick of the ongoing shenanigans of these jackasses that strut around the political stage, and of the millions of people who think their bald-faced lies and inane spouting are the words of intelligent "leaders" who are working for the best interests of this country. It just seems to get worse and worse. I know, however, that the ebb and flow of life never ceases and that, eventually, this too shall pass. Also, there are no exceptions to the rule of karma and payback's a bitch, whether or not there are any witnesses.

Keep up the good fight, my friend.


Mike V. said...

Tanks for stopping by, Mark. I always enjoy the stories and photos on your site.

I read the same stuff you do as well.
One can only try and keep up and not get too worked up. Although it's difficult sometimes..

notbuyingit said...


Big difference between someone who gets an endorsement from a person they have no affiliation with and someone who sits in a pew for 20 years and then tries to say they never heard any of the satements made.

Either they were asleep, they're a dolt, they agree or they didn't have the conviction of their supposed opposite beliefs to get up and leave. Any of those scenarios makes me think I don't want this person as a president. Regardless of their party affillaition.

Mike V. said...

I agree to the first part to a certain extent.
But, for the record, I have zero problem with Rev. Wright's message overall.
I think he's crazy because he's a preacher, and organized religion is stupid, but other than that..

Mike V. said...

further, anyone that is planning on voting for McSame must be off their fucking rockers.
He's a stupid old dolt who has proven himself to be a shameless whore.
He has backed out of even the small number of things that he used to stand for, and has positioned himself as more of the same of the BushCheney failure era.
Our country is reeling from the pain inflicted by those two fucking cocksuckers and their administration.
No fucking way would I EVER consider voting for anyone that even remotely aligns themselves with those motherfuckers.
Fuck them, and fuck everyone that still supports the Bush administration.