Thursday, May 01, 2008

Art Test. Mission Accomplished Week Version

I thought I would just try something fun this week.
I already expect tons of other people are going to talk all about Bush and his Mission Accomplished.
At this point, I'm sort of like "what the fuck is the point" on a good number of things. Anyone that still supports the Prez in 2008.. congrats, you're an idiot. I'm not changing anyone's opinion on that sociopath asshole. And with that...

Anyway, so here is the test.
I was up in the Bay Area over the past weekend, and while in San Francisco, I visited the De Young Museum where we saw some lovely art. We also visited my nephew.
My brother and my sister in law, proud parents they are, showed me some wonderful art as well that my nephew had created.

So, you tell me, of the works of art in this post, what is hanging in the De Young, and what is hanging in their house?
You may click on any one of them and it will open in a new window in larger size so you may examine closer. Don't cheat and go to like the De Young site or whatever.


Tom Harper said...

I'll guess that the one on top and the second one up from the bottom are by your nephew. And the other 3 are real works of "art."

But that's just a wild guess. I like a lot of modern art, but a lot of it (like the ones pictured here) just inspire thoughts of "my nephew could do that with a set of finger paints."

Mike V. said...

Your guesses are so noted!