Friday, April 11, 2008

Write your Senator and Rep. (though it may do no good)

I hesitate to even do it, but I suppose NOT doing it is worse?
Does that make sense? Who knows...
But if Americans DON'T show a little outrage at the revelations that have come (holy crap, even from the Main Stream Corporate Media, fer crissakes!!) out about the fascist little cocksucker John Yoo and his "torture memo's", and what could only be called a conspiracy to commit war crimes, then what is there to be outraged about?
We have all known for years that the entire CheneyBush administration is corrupt and full of sociopaths.
I'm not even going to argue with people about all the reasons anymore.
Either you're with me, or you're against me. If you support GWB and his administration and policies, then fuck you. Like I'm going to pretend that I can like someone that thinks it's OK that our country has been ruined by these fucks?? No thanks. Fuck you, again.
You're an idiot.
Or you're benefiting from the largess that is the money laundering from working people to the military-industrial-complex and others.

So, in light of the news about the latest findings about the CheneyBush Administration and the Lawyer John Yoo - and by lawyer I mean filthy sociopath scumbag that shouldn't be teaching at Bob Jones let alone a law school in the University of California system - below is text of a letter that I found within an article on the Smirking Chimp today.
Kind of a good catch all.
Send it on.
If you care..

You're no doubt aware of the ABC News report alleging that current and former senior Bush administration officials were actively involved in dictating specific acts of torture from the White House to be used against various terrorism suspects.
As you know, torture is a violation of domestic and international law.
I strongly urge you to convene hearings and demand the appearance of those officials named in the ABC report—Condoleezza Rice, George Tenet, Porter Goss, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and John Ashcroft—for the purpose of determining whether they committed war crimes and, in the case of Mr. Cheney and his immediate supervisor, whether their actions constitute impeachable offenses warranting removal from office.
The image presented by top US officials authorizing and managing the torture of US prisoners from the White House is both nauseating and immensely harmful to the interests of our country, and only a prompt and thorough investigation can begin to mitigate the damage. I know that you take your oath of office seriously; if there is ever to be a moment when the Constitution requires your defense, it has arrived.


Lord only knows if it will do any good with the spineless Congress we have now.
If you do send it, at least you tried! Peace. Have a warm weekend.

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