Friday, March 07, 2008

Making choices in '08. Thank you CheneyBush version.

Going into the end of this year when the big election happens, there will be a lot on the mind of voters.
And I have to tell you, I'm not too sure that if anyone tries, you're going to get a whole lot of people worked over gay marriage or evolution in science class.
The Iraq war and the "state of the union" (as in real issues, not your lesbian neighbors) will be front and center.

Once again, I have to quote Pat Buchanan.

From today:

"Under Bush, the U.S. trade deficit has doubled. Three million manufacturing jobs have vanished. And America has begun to run a trade deficit in advanced technology goods of more than $50 billion.
Is there not a correlation between $4.3 trillion in trade deficits under Bush, the 3 million manufacturing jobs lost under Bush, the fall of the dollar by 50 percent against the euro under Bush and the resurgence of inflation, signaled by a quadrupling of the price of gold, under Bush?"

Answer: Yes.

One day, I hope that Americans will wake up to the fact that running into WalMart and cheering the fact that you just saved 50 cents on some crappy shit made in China is not a good thing.

Also online was this story about some CEO's that were dragged in front of Congress.
Now, I am not really big fan of this kind of political theater. No more so than when they drag a ballplayer in front of Congress.

But the story points out some things that I would hope open some folks eyes.
The fact that CEO's are making 600 times what you and I make is one thing.
The bigger issue is that a whole lot of these assholes are pulling down that kind of coin while either on the way out and getting the boot, or sticking around after they have presided over management decisions that border on gross malfeasance, if not outright fraud.
I'd say that working people (not the least of which, employees of badly run companies) and shareholders have a reason to be pissed off.

Overall, have a look at the wire stories today.
Our economy is in the fucking shitter.
Christ on a pony, even Bush had to appear in front of the cameras and (sort of) admit as much.
Not that he gives a shit. He's got his and those that support him (excluding the "average" voter, of course) have more than got theirs.
His line, "we recognized the problem early and we provided the economy with a booster shot" could not be MORE bullshit.
This economy was engineered by the likes of this asshole and Greenspan.
You can blame them for NOT giving a shit it would happen and for the bloodshed in our follies in the Middle East.

As a country, we need to:
Get the fuck out of Iraq.
Get rid of NAFTA.
Build our manufacturing base.
Invest in our infrastructure.
And finally, REPUDIATE everything that the Bush crew has stood for and reverse everything they have done to our great nation.
In other words, we have to un-fuck ourselves..


And now something really funny from Bill Maher:


Sar said...

You know, Clinton's been making it her mission to discount Obama's campaign of change as mambsy pamsy. I say Obama should rename it the "unfuck ourselves" campaign and shove it down her monster neck. Yes that's right, I said she's a monster and no, I don't have to resign for it!

Tom Harper said...

All right now, enough of this communist drivel. We need Family Values to keep America great. Gay marriage will bring this great nation to its knees :)

(I think there's an off-color joke in there somewhere)

SheaNC said...

I agree with your message, but in my pessimism I wonder, is it too late? We may never get back what we had. It could take decades to repair the damage the neocon/republicans have wrought, and by then, the world may be so different that there can be no return to the good old days, just a transformation into something... else.

Mike V. said...

I hope it's not too late, man.
I really do..