Monday, February 25, 2008

I like the Oscars, so sue me

Can't help it, I have always enjoyed the Oscars.
Even when so many Hollywood movies can suck.
BUT, this year was great because my favorite filmmakers the Coen Brothers got their props (as it were) for a fantastic movie.
Now, The Big Lebowski will always be my favorite from them, but No Country For Old Men was great. Amazing, maybe.

Also this year, I liked that two young musicians/filmmakers won an award for best original song.
That would be Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard for their song "Falling Slowly" in the movie Once. They also played the lead roles.
If you have not seen this (and you probably have not) I recommend it.
It's a wonderful movie.
And WTF was that crap with one movie getting 3 song nominations??
Amy Adams was cute singing that one song, though.

Also, that French broad Marion Cotillard is hot.
And the chicks sure love that Javier Bardem fella.

Oh, Jon Stewart did a good job. Fuck the newspapers and such.
What the hell do they expect? He's not a trained monkey like Billy Crystal.
Like Johnny Carson was so great.

That is my review.


LA said...

Totally agree w/you regarding "Falling Slowly" (God, I loved Once). And I also agree w/your bewilderment about one film getting 3 songs nominated. It's so boring that the Disney machine always dominates like that.

Steve Martin remains my favorite host, but I really like Jon Stewart.

Mike V. said...

oh, heck, what the hell do I know??


thanks for stopping by, glad someone is reading.

LA said...

Just got back from vacay, so I've been out of the loop for a couple weeks. Just getting back into the swing of things.

Diane said...

The should have replaced some of the song nominees with a song or two from Into the Wild

(la - agree on Martin and Stewart)

Tom Harper said...

I've got to see No Country For Old Men. I've never seen a Coen Bros. movie that I didn't like.

Mike V. said...

Yes, you should, it's a great movie.

Thanks for stopping by, Diane.

Tom, you can suck it.