Thursday, December 13, 2007

One more sign the Bushies are coming unhinged:

This is a headline and story from AP:

Shield needed against Iran missile threat: U.S.

Uh, ok.

"A U.S. intelligence report said last week that Iran had stopped its nuclear weapons program four years ago, but Rood said Iran's ballistic missile capability was enough of a threat."

A threat? A threat to whom??
Are they going to color-code the threat?
"Motherfucker is red, man. They is aiming those missiles!"

There are a couple things going on here.
One, they are completely off their fucking rockers and have an hard on for Iran, so they can't shut the fuck up about it.
Two, they are trying really hard to justify sticking this crap up the backside of Russia.

I have a couple questions:

Does anyone really believe anything that the Bushies have to say about Iran?
Do you really? After all the lies and the bullshit and their giant clusterfuck in Mesopotamia??

Why are we trying to piss off the largest country in the world (Russia)?

We're living in some other fucking alternate universe or something.
We have to be.
"the economy is great, Iraq is on it's way to democracy, Iran is a threat and the war on terror is working."
Jeebus H Christ on a pogo stick.

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LA said...

The good news is, of course, fewer and fewer people actually believe the filth spewing from this administration. Compare today to a few years ago... their credibility is shot.