Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Budapest report and photos

We got back from Budapest Saturday night/Sunday morning (after flying through Toronto).
Still trying to adjust to GMT -8..

What a neat city to visit. Pretty large at 2 million people - one 5th the population of the country - but you can still cover quite a bit on foot.
We also rode public transit above and below ground to get around.

A very vibrant and fairly large city, it is filled with history, and delicious fried food. And graffiti.

To compare to our trip last year to Prague is not quite fair, as though they are similar in some ways, they are very different.
Prague is smaller and a little more like a colorful fairy tale (also with lots of graffiti, however) and Budapest is a little more "reality" based. Hard to explain, I suppose without being there.

Loved the food for the most part and the Hungarian red wines.
On Thanksgiving I had turkey for dinner. Stuffed with cheese and ham and fried, of course.
By the time we got back to CA, I was craving green vegetables.
If you go, I highly recommend Paprika (the restaurant) about a half mile walk east of Heroes Square and The Old Amsterdam near the Elizabeth Bridge.
I know I'm in the minority so far as Americans go, but I love being able to smoke anywhere, anytime and no one cares. After dinner cigar? No worries, mate.

The people were VERY friendly.

As per last trip, my wife took better photos than I did Photo Page! with links to our respective photos. Before last year, she'd never even owned a camera..

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


Tom Harper said...

Excellent photos. Welcome back.

Ricardo said...

-8 GMT!?!?! BRUTAL but worth it from what I see. And to be in California and a smoker must be rough. I don't smoke but I kind of feel for you guys. You can't do it anywhere. It must have been great to light a cigar after good meal.

Although I do not smoke I so enjoy a good cigar. Odd but true.

These are places I have to get out and see one day.

Mike V. said...

Yea, Budapest is 9 hours ahead of CA.
I've not been hit with jet lag much in the past like this time.
No idea why..

We really enjoyed Budapest.
Quite a fun city and worth the visit.

LA said...

Is that a Catholic church towards the end of your wife's collection of shots? It reminds me of the chapel at Notre Dame (in South Bend). Love your tunnel and bridge shots at night.

So, what Eastern European city is on the itinerary next year?

Mike V. said...

That's a good question.
I believe it was a Catholic church, but I'd have to look up the name and stuff to find out for sure.

Next year we're actually thinking Amsterdam.

LA said...

Ah, I've never been to Amsterdam. Probably because the only time I've been to Europe was with my parents. ;)

Mike V. said...

OK, it's a Catholic Church:


Also, it has the holy right hand there.
Yea, it's kind of weird.