Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday laugh

And why not? Things are way too serious right now.

OK, so this might make me sick, but I'm on the mailing list for a couple crazy right wing christian groups. I love to read what they want people to get all worked up about.
It makes me laugh.
I thought I should share today's email from AFA (American Family Association, whatever the fuck that is). Ladies, you need to call Redbook magazine NOW and cancel your subscription!

Why you ask? Well, the email says:

Redbook magazine endorses hedonistic sex (!)

If you subscribe to Redbook, call and ask that your subscription be cancelled immediately.

Dear Mike,

Redbook has become the new Playgirl. The sex advice they are giving throws all traditional values out the window and encourages a pagan, hedonistic lifestyle.

Recently, Marcia Segelstein wrote a guest column for I plead with you to read her article. It will open your eyes to what our children and teens are facing in a culture swimming in the moral sewer. After you read the article, please take the suggested action. Redbook operates on the philosophy that parents and grandparents don’t care enough to get involved.

I urge you to spend a little time on Redbook's Web site at Click on the "Love Life" section.

How fucking funny is that?
I love the part where it says "I plead with you to read her article".
HAHA, cause you're really going to get off... I mean you're going to be pissed!
Oh, and "It will open your eyes to what our children and teens are facing in a culture swimming in the moral sewer."
Sure. I guess bombing the shit out of little brown kids in Iraq does nothing.
Sorry, had to get serious there for a second.

So, go read that article, jerk off if you have to, then cancel that dirty subscription, you hussy!


Brad said...

I gotta say I nearly fainted. Man, that was obscene. I'm gonna fight hard to protect my women-folk from such vile outrages!

Mike V. said...

damn sluts and their vibrators and sexuality!
lay there and think of england while us men folk do the work!

blog Portland said...

That's right people, hedonistic sex is far too close to borderlining sodomistic sex, which we all know the church would hate to lose their monopoly on.

Tom Harper said...

Those rightwing groups are a riot. I used to be on the American Family Association's e-mail list. Their e-mails suddenly stopped a few months ago; maybe I did too many posts making fun of all their wacky hysteria.

These groups are good for a laugh, but unfortunately too many gullible people actually believe them.

Who Hijacked Our Country

LA said...

So, I'm an hedonistic amoral slut if I make eye contact with a cute stranger?


Mike V. said...

Yes, for sure.

And you may use batteries to power only flashlights, nothing dirty!

Ricardo said...

Children and teens read Redbook?

Yes I had some of these clowns tell me I was risking my bid for eternal life for not accepting Jesus. Same! shame!

LA said...

Mine plugs into the wall. ;)

Hey, where's the post where we get to celebrate the resignation of Rove?

Mike V. said...

coming soon.
just like your battery-powered orgasm!