Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ah, the imortal words of Derek Smalls.

Another person, though far more crazy, also spent some time in the city that loves Rock and Roll.

Here he is at right giving us a physical rendering of what his attention span might look like.

I'd like to say that maybe Bush has finally gone off the deep end.
But he's been to the edge and over so many fucking times, lord even knows what constitutes the deep end anymore with this asshole.

How many times is he going to tell us that he listens to the "commanders on the ground"? And then if they don't tell him what he wants to hear, he'll just fire their asses and move on to someone else.

This sick, bloody, money-laundering scheme of his has gone on long enough.
And Congress is just not acting on putting this stupid fuck or the Prince of Darkness under control.
We voted you dipshits into office so we'd, you know, actually have some sort of "separation of powers". Remember?


Tom Harper said...

Bush seems to be so totally insulated and isolated from public opinion, it probably won't matter how low he sinks in the polls or how unpopular Iraqmire gets. And our "leaders" in Congress only care about getting re-elected. They don't dare piss off their corporate donors who are profiting from Iraqmire.

Who Hijacked Our Country

CorgiGuy said...

Did you guys see the latest bill moyers journal, it's about impeachment. They discuss the constitutional case for impeaching both bush and cheney.

Mike V. said...

I just caught a part of it and grabbed the clip from crooks and liars and threw it up on You Tube, actually.
Will post it here tomorrow.

LA said...

Unfortunately, Tom Harper is right. And I think that the Republican senators who start distancing themselves from Bush are the ones who are coming up for re-election.