Monday, June 25, 2007

PREview of SiCKO

I've seen all of Michael Moore's movies, and I find it fascinating that from a lot of people on the "right" all you hear is how he hates America, hates guns, is against our this and our that.
Then you ask and you realize that they have not seen the films, OR they are too stupid to understand them and need them "explained" by a right-wing talk radio dipshit.

Take Bowling for Columbine, for instance. This movie is NOT anti-gun at all. I find that it simply poses the question "why do we shoot each other?". As a gun owner, why should I have a problem with that?

I'm sure tons of regular working folks (mostly in the flyover states, so screw them anyway) will find this movie objectionable (via mind beams from Rush) even though they are getting screwed by this sick system that is freakin' broken.

Our so-called Health System is the laughing stock of the world. Hell, Cuba laughs at us.
But there will certainly be no change if the same people making the same decisions continue to stay where they are.

Because this system has turned into one giant money laundering scheme.
Only it's really just taking OUR money and making other people really rich, while not providing care that people need.
And not just for poor people, but for the middle class as well.
It's a fucking disgrace.

Health care should be like clean water; it should be available to all and we should all pay for it.
Pay for the services, that is. Not jets and luxury homes for scumbag CEO's.

Later, my proposal for Health Care.


blog Portland said...

I've already seen Sicko, and think it's one of Moore's best films to date.

As for Moore himself, I think if anything he loves (the principles of) this country and is concerned for it.

Mike V. said...

right one, good to hear.
I'll be seeing it this weekend.

Tom Harper said...

Good points about Michael Moore. He's a lifelong NRA member and a self-made millionaire. I'm surprised the Right isn't swooning all over him.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore has descended into irrelevancy. The box office take was less than $25 million, and even that figure is questionable as I think Variety upped it to suit their own agenda. No one gives a flying fuck what Fat Mike has to say.

Mike V. said...

strangely enough, no one gives a crap what some anon dickweed like yourself has to say.