Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Don't speak ill of the dead"

Sorry, I don't go for that.

Jerry Falwell croaked and the world is a better place without him.

He was a charlatan, and a creep. A flim-flam artist.

Rather than use his religion and the word of Jesus to make the world a better place, he used it to further his career and his political agenda. And that of those who had him in their pocket, or vice versa.

I have no use for his brand of religion at all. Nor his hate and his ridiculous pandering.

Falwell's type is everything that this country is NOT about. Let's make sure his type becomes more and more marginalized.

If there really is a hell (and you'd really have to be a little warped to think there is) then he's just about now getting used to his room..

He was a small and stupid man who shouldn't have been given any more credence than a crazy person yelling about the end times on the street corner in Times Square.

Found the quote below in the comment section of a post over at the smirking chimp site. Awesome:

"The long overdue passing of the preeminant jeebus peddlin' con man has finally arrived. The vacuum left by the death of this chicken fried prick, will be filled very soon. How will the servile masses function without someone pointing out 'homos' for them to hate? Too bad his vile influence can't be tossed into the same pit as his buttery white carcass."

Chris Hitchens gets it right. For once, but boy did he:


LA said...

The fact that I have a modicum of compassion for this jerkoff's family in the face of losing a loved one proves that I (a confirmed athiest) am a better Christian than this asshole ever was.

If I believed in hell, and I don't, I'd say this hypocrite is burning there right now.

Mike V. said...

Thanks, Lani.

I'm with you, I can think of nothing to say about this guy.
He was pure scum.
The worst of the worst.

Ricardo said...

Not shedding any tears over this one myself. Terrible of me to say but he, he was jerk that hid behind religion. How long before Pat Robertson goes?

SheaNC said...

Like everyone, I find comfort in the vision of Falwell burning in hell. I always find myself wishing I was a believer, because I, too, long for the aforementioned comfort derived from the belief that we can suffer eternal agony and torment at the hands of an almighty deity.

Oops, there goes christianity sounding pathological again.

Tom Harper said...

Good riddance to that useless hate-spewing SOB. There'll only be 2 pallbearers at his funeral since there are only 2 handles on a garbage can. OMFG, I've sunk to his level...

BTW, where was Tinky Winky on the morning of May 16th? We need to bring him in for questioning.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Toad734 said...

Awesome. He was pretty good on Bill Maher the other night too.

Mike V. said...

Yea, Falwell isn't getting too much love out there. And for good reason.

Toad, I saw your comment on Mike's America about Falwell. That was funny. Glad you still go over there and stir the pot.
I can't take that guy anymore, he's fucking nuts.