Friday, March 09, 2007

Newt: "I'm not a hypocrite"

You gotta love this fucking guy.
Here he is, interviewed by that moron James Dobson, telling the world that "yea, I fucked a broad that wasn't my wife while we were gunning for Bubba Clinton" but that's different.
Oh, plus the first wife (he's on his third, now) well, he had to dump the bitch while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery. Who wants damaged goods?
Newt NEVER spoke from the pulpit about family values and the like. No, of course not.
There's a difference between what he did and the ejaculate-covered blue dress in the oval office.
I like how Howard Kurtz puts it in the Post today: "flexible morality".

I never voted for Clinton either time, but in hind sight, he was pretty good, I guess. Not bad, not great, but pretty good.
I didn't give two shits that he was getting strange from some broad. It really didn't matter to me at all. I did think it was stupid, and I thought he was stupid for lying about it.
But the process worked; he was impeached then tried in the Senate and not removed from office.
Somehow, Libby got a raw deal, though in the eyes of the Reich Wing spin machines.
I actually think SORT of the same thing, but not in the context they are thinking. I think he's a scumbag, but was the fall guy for Cheney.
The process worked here. There was an investigation and he was tried and convicted of basically lying.
That was the point of the trial in the first place.
Of course the Faux News Channel and other Bushites still have to weigh in and tell us this was all nothing because Valerie Plame was not really outed.
Hey, dumbshits: first of all, that is complete bullshit. Second of all, that was NOT the point of this case. Libby wound up where he was because he lied and obstructed an investigation into the exposure of a CIA employee.

But you have to love the way that the Reich Wing echo machine can work.
Hell, there's some of them that have tried to spin the disgusting findings at Walter Reed into some sort of liberal attack. Support the troops!! the rethuglicans all say. Except for the cutting of funding to veterans. Except for the lack of proper equipment (we go to war with what we have, not what we wish we had, you fucking babies!).

Thankfully, a growing number of people are not buying their brand of bullshit anymore.
From their crap about the war to their so-called "values" issues, folks are wising up to the wholesale fucking the Bushites have put on the U.S.
Now the opposition party better kick their shit into gear and make some changes.
Continue with the investigations, actually do something about legislation on the hill and keep working a regular week like the rest of us. It would be nice to have people in Washington that work for someone ELSE other than the giant corporations.

Have a good weekend.


LA said...

I just heard about this Newt Gingrich story and immediately came here to see if you knew yet.

Based on observing these fuckers, I'd have to conclude hypocrisy and corruption are family values!

Mike V. said...

well, of course it's different when newt does it. because he's on the side of the lord. or something..

Tom Harper said...

If these Biblethumpers can actually hold their noses and vote for Gingrich or Giuliani, they're wearing more powerful blinders than I ever imagined.

Newt Gingrich represents family values, and poor Scooter just got railroaded by those wicked leftists. The Right can't possibly be this gullible and stupid. Can they?

Kurt said...

I think la got it right.

Ricardo said...

Give 'em hell mike V. Newt is a huge idiot and I felt that whole scandle was a big distraction for this country that was never needed. I really miss Clinton BTW.

Toad734 said...

But what about the children??