Tuesday, February 27, 2007

who wants to protect America and who's a terrorist supporter?

Harry Reid (D-NV) pointed out on the Senate floor Mnday:

"In the last Congress, Democrats tried to move forward with tough and smart solutions to keep the homeland safe. Unfortunately, those of us who tried to follow the Commission's road map hit nothing but speed bumps.

"In 2005, we tried to increase funding for first responders by $1.6 billion. Our effort was rejected on a party-line vote.

"Days later, we tried to restore $1 billion to the COPS Program, so important for law enforcement throughout the country. We were rejected again along party lines.

"In July 2005, just days after the subway bombings in London, the Senate considered legislation that would have improved security on rails. Again, with a party-line vote, we went down.

"That same day, the Senate voted on legislation to allocate money to secure our ports. The measure fell along party lines.

"The end result of this obstruction: America today is not as safe as it can be, should be, or must be."

BTW, this comes in the same week that we learn this:

Oh, what a tangled web we weave..

Hersh: Bush Funneling Money to al Qaeda-Related Groups

Seems as if large bundles of cash are going to some interesting folks, eh?
Does that mean that Georgie boy can be rendered to Syria? Guantanamo?
Or does he have a signing statement that takes care of all that?

Someone ring the fucking impeachment bell soon, please!


Kurt said...

Seems pretty clear the Republicans couldn't care less about the safety of America, they only care about the safety of their paychecks.

Tom Harper said...

First impeach him, then render him to Syria.

LA said...

Anyone remember Ollie North, Iran Contra, and the crimes and corruption of Bush I?