Friday, February 09, 2007

Gates beats the war drums about Iran.

In the latest horseshit from the administration to widen the "war on terror" Gates says:

US can prove Iran's Iraq role (in arming "militants")

OK, Gates, who would that be?

The Sunni insurgents? Yea, that makes sense. Shiite Iran arming Sunnis. They're getting their stuff from our buddies in Saudi Arabia. Maybe from our boy-president's friend Bandar Bush?

So, are they arming the Shiite death squads?

Well, the very existence of them is OUR fault since we're propping up a fucking Shiite theocracy as the "government" in Iraq and they cannot/will not control them from their fun with power drills.

Good work, Georgie, you created a vacuum for civil war to ensue in Iraq and got two theocracies to have a proxy war.

I wonder what little W has in store for OUR proxy fighters in Israel to do for us?


Jenn of the Jungle said...

Which thing is this post bitching about? That there is proof that Iran is arming the insurgency? Bush hatred? Or going to war with Iran?

We don't need to beat no stinking drums, when Iran does it just fine themselves. There's their appalling lack of human rights, arming not only the Iraq insurgency, but those of Hezbollah and Ham-Ass, as well as the extreme violent rhetoric coming from Ahmadinejhad. Add to that the fact that they are after trying to obtain nukes to "wipe Israel from the face of the earth", they do a super great job of cruising for their own bruisin'.

"A top Iranian cleric said on Friday the United States was within Iran's "firing range".

IRGC commander General Hossein Salami told the news network Khabar that during the current military manoeuvres the recently acquired Tor-M1 missiles were successfully tested. It was proved that all foreign warships operating in the area are within the range of Tor-M1.

Mike V. said...

Let me answer your 3 questions in order:


So you think that the Iranians are arming the Sunni insurgents?
That's an interesting concept.

Cheney's dick-swinging in Iraq is what made this mess in the first place while not protecting our allies or the US in doing so.

Nuking Iran would be a staggeringly bad idea.

Tom Harper said...

"the latest horseshit from the administration" -- that pretty much sums it up. This administration is so corrupt and so out of control, it's hard to find specific things to rant about any more. He's the Worst President Ever and he's getting worse every day.

Mike V. said...

The fucking boy who cried "war".
Or WMD, or something.
Like we're supposed to believe anything from these assholes..

Kurt said...

jenn, do a little research. Iranian Shiites HATE Iraqi Sunnis, even more than they hate us.