Thursday, November 16, 2006

Under the.. drill.

So I had to have a root canal procedure today.
It is the result of a broken filling that was put in 8 years ago after I got a cavity from eating Altoids all the damn time.

I was about 33 when I got the filling, having never had one before (actually, it was two right next to each other) and only a week or so later one of them cracked and had to be redrilled and done with silver rather than the white stuff that busted.

Anyway, fast forward to a little while ago and it cracked AGAIN and a piece broke off.
So the dentist said that it was too far down inside close to the nerve to drill it again and sent me to a specialist to do the treatment today.

I had no idea there are places specializing only in doing these jobs.
I had 5 shots in my mouth on that side and 4 hours later I am still a little numb up there. And I look like a stroke patient.
It was not as bad as I thought it would be, other than the multiple needle-jabs.

So, kids, DO NOT EAT CANDY!!!


Diane said...

I had one tooth (notice the past tense) that was root canaled three seperate times over the years - the 2d and 3d times when it became infected . . .eventually they just pulled it, and now my bridge and I have been living happily ever after . . .

Brad said...

Mmmmmmm... sugar.

LA said...

I've had emergency root canal, possibly the worst thing ever. "I feel your pain."

Hope you're feeling better. Sometimes, the effects linger. :(

Mike V. said...

thankfully, mine was not due to an abscess or infection or anything, which I understand makes it a lot worse.
my tooth feels pretty good today, though if I accidentally bite down hard on it while eating or whatever, it doesn't feel too swift.
My face was numb from the 5 shots for like 5 hours at least..

Sar said...

See, Mike, the key is to have the cinnamon Altoids. ;)

Sorry for the belated wishes, but still hoping you've recovered well.