Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tony Snow(job) lies some more: Dems have no plan!

But maybe the press corps are getting a little tired of his crapola:

Q Tony, two questions. First, you say that you want to see Democrats offer -- engage in a more substantive way on Iraq.

MR. SNOW: Yes.

Q And yet when Democrats do that, their ideas are either rejected out of hand, as was the case with Biden's idea of partitioning Iraq, or in the case of Murtha, he had Republican members of Congress effectively accuse him of being a coward and say that the idea doesn't reflect reality. So when you have substantive proposals, redeploying troops is a substantive proposal, partitioning the country is substantive.


See Biden's plan here.

Funny, also from the so-called "cut and run" and "no ideas" Dems was this amendment that was rejected out of hand just about straight across party lines.

The legislation states, "to provide real national security, restore United States leadership, and implement tough and smart policies to win the war on terror."

Then again, what do the rethugs have to work with to try and get out the vote?
The Bush base that is wealthy will vote R all the way down the line, no worries.
The rest of the country on the other hand is shifting away, even the ones that were heavily in favor of the administration before.
So they have to whack on the Dems a bit even though all the mistakes and the shape we are in domestically and in the area of foreign policy rests on the shoulders of the rethugs and the neo-cons.
What's left is to hammer Kerry for trying to make a joke, whoop up the bigots in Tenn. by getting them to worry about their white women getting banged by black guys.

I read a great OpEd Thursday that talked about the racism in play in the south again with that stunt they pulled on Harold Ford Jr.
From the article:

Southern blacks also made handy targets to divert the anger and dissatisfaction of the "poor white trash" from the elites that exploited them as well, albeit less severely.
Canny patricians played whole decks of such race cards to win the votes of the crackers and rednecks they privately despised: "Don't vote for that commie over there talking about unions and fair wages and equality; vote for me, vote for the man who'll keep your women and children – and your drinking water – safe from the Negro!"

Ah, now we're getting to where the rubber meets the road.
Change that last sentence. Where it says "Negro", put in gay, lesbian, atheist, "islamo-fascist". Pick your favorite bogeyman.
"Pay no attention to those falling wages and disappearing pensions and manufacturing jobs. Them fags is gettin' hitched!"

Well, it gets votes, I'll give them that..


SheaNC said...

Wow, I just realized I haven't heard the term "islamo-fascist" in quite a while. I guess that one wasn't working out for 'em!

Brad said...

Keep in mind, Mike, they never actually used the term "stay the course." We were apparently just imagining it, collectively, all 183 times Bush said it. Perhaps we're imagining this, too.

PoEt said...

Im in San Diego too :) cool

Mike V. said...

Brad, Brad, you're glib.
You don't even know what stay the course is.


Brad said...

Nice, Tom Cruise. Didn't expect you to take it that direction.

Mike V. said...

I kept seeing a little Tom Cruise in Tony Snow, so I thought I would throw that in there..

Ricardo said...

Mike, Brad this issue can be solved by taking the right vitamins. I know this!!! I Studied This!!! Did you study this? No! You don't know this stuff like I do. You're both glib!