Monday, November 20, 2006

See you in a few days. Updated. 11-25 update

Updated on 11-25
Quick photos:

More stuff.

Houses on Kampa Island.

Not even CLOSE to what is called Bud here in the US. In fact, this one came first. Much more so..

Night scene in Old Town Square.
Set the Canon down on the bench.

Cigar and bourbon.
What I am doing right this minute.

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Church of Our Lady before Tyn

Side Street in Prague

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Tom Harper said...

That sounds like a fantastic place to visit. Hope you'll do some posts about it. Have fun.

Steve Landis said...

Enjoy yourself! We are having a warm holiday here in MN. "Thanks" to global warming, we are enjoying record temperatures in the low 60's today... It's supposed to be cold, dammit!

LA said...

Oh hella yes! Have a spectacular trip, Mike! Be safe!

pinoy stupid said...

Have a great vacation, Mike!

Matt Vella said...

Beautiful, post up some more when you can.

Anita said...

Prague is such a great city. These pics bring back fantastic memories, thanks!

Mike V. said...

more coming.
just about to get in the shower and head out for more walkin.
funny, before we left, the reactions from people varied quite a bit.
either it was "wow, Prague, I always wanted to go there." to a blank stare (as in "what the hell are you talking about?") Though oddly enough, even after explaining to those types, I have had two people ask me if we needed to get SHOTS before coming here.
Uh, no.
We're not missionaries going to some third world country..

LA said...

The architecture of that church is freaking amazing. Love the shot, especially the contrast of the yellow and black angles and hard concrete of the building to blue and white soft, curved fluffiness of the sky and clouds.

Grandma said...

Glad that you are having a great time. What a fantastic spot with so much to see and do. Looking forward to seeing more great picts.

Diane said...

great photos

Sar said...

*picks jaw up off the floor*

I hope the time you're having is as great as those shots. You really have an incredible eye for photography & those are great shots.

Ricardo said...


Toad734 said...

Poor Budvar