Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dude, where's my Constitution?

Has the Foley mess burned out yet?
Did everyone get a chance to air their grievances about Clinton’s penis, Barney Frank’s gay lover and all that? Good.

Because there are more pressing issues, such as the one brought up below that was prompted by a post over at Tom’s house.
We are dangerously coming close to losing something precious here: Our Constitutional Democratic Republic.
Its one thing for the president to say that he has the right to lock American’s up and ignore hundreds of years of legal precedence. It’s one thing for the president to say that he can capture your conversations over the phone or the internets.
Habeas Corpus? We don’t need no stinkin’ Habeas Corpus!
For the moment, though not much has come out of it, the courts are ruling or have ruled on these things.
He’s just been ignoring the law, of course, but eventually it could catch up.
But with the passage of laws authorizing torture, wire-tapping and kangaroo courts, now we are damn near a dictatorship and under unconstitutional rule.

Where is the forth estate here?? Besides being a parrot for the administration.
(note, we will all pause while any mouthbreathers out there have to look that up)

I have to ask, is this what you really want? I’m asking this of the Bushies, of course, but please, deep down, do you really want to turn the clock back not just 300 years, but 800 years as well?
Do you really feel that the president of the United States should have a legal right to take an American citizen and put him or her in jail with NO regard for our current(?) system of justice? Really? Do you??


Diane said...

Yes, they do, because they shortsightedly think that this stuff only pertains to the "other guy". Only bad people get arrested. Only bad people have their phones tapped. Only bad people are tortured. Then no one screams louder than the Republican who gets popped for DUI, or whose teenage son gets arrested, about police brutality and the unfairness of the system. They forget that the system is set up to protect everyone - bad guys included. And that one never knows when he or she will be classified by some one as a bad guy too.

Tom Harper said...

Yup, it's just like Diane says. It's like that Nazi-era German quotation about "when they came for the Jews I didn't say anything because I wasn't Jewish..."

Landcomm1 said...

Great (or at least better) minds must be thinking alike; I posted similar thoughts late yesterday afternoon, before dashing home to cover plants against the first frost...

We DO need to use this Foley business to our advantage but focus more on what appears to be a growing body of dirt against those who knew what this sad man was up to. They should pay and pay dearly. That they are Republicans simply represents yet another cherry on top of what I hope will be a bitter-sweet end to Republican domination of our nation and (as they'd hoped) the world.

I began to make phone calls for last night. What a great, easy system to use! Sign up, get confirmed, go to the site and use the script presented to call voters in important areas of the country. I called potential voters in FL last night for an hour and plan to do it again tonight. This is excellent work and I think will help to convince voters to get out on 11/7.

Ah... let the day begin!


Mike V. said...

thank you, gentlemen (and lovely lady) for the nice comments.

steve, what's this thing called "frost"? :)

was 75 yesterday in San Diego! :0

Landcomm1 said...

Ah, yes my friend, I remember the days of my life in San Diego. Frost existed but at some distance in the mountains. Not so here. Canada is rather close you see and we're slipping deep into Autumn. Good thing too, as it means our election is close!

We'll be in San Diego in February, to board a Mexican cruise. I'll be slipping down to my one-time favorite coffee vendor, Robert's place, Cafe Elegante at the Seaport trolley station for a hot cuppa. Maybe you'll join and we'll congratulate ourselves over a good job done in the election!


Mike V. said...

Sounds good to me.
Although I hate even getting near all them touristas in Seaport Village, I could make an exception.. :)